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Head and Shoulders - Shoulda X’d You - New Beginning - Beat Track


Song Title: Tonight
Artist: R.O.T.

Bio: Founding R.O.T. members Sam and Rob have known each other since grade school. By the time they moved to high school, Sam had already put together an old computer, mic, and simple audio editing software. He would make beats and Rob would rhyme. With that, a hunger for rap success was born.

Judas joined the fledging rap group after meeting in high school. Sam and Rob were impressed with his rhymes. Then they met Steele. After Steele spit his first lyric - R.O.T. would be a set group of four from then on.

Inspired by the vocal talents of Eminem, Big Pun, and Tupac, R.O.T. would spend many days of the week developing their skills. They knew a huge challenge lay ahead if four white guys were to gain any measure of respect in an industry typically characterized by black performers. But that respect was to come soon enough.

Today, Sentury Sam has many beats under his belt. Acting as primary producer, Sammy layers thoughtful beats with piano inspired riffs and hints of pop influenced hooks.

R.O.T. never fails to bring to the recording studio brutally honest rhymes and harmonic soulful cues. Lyrics deal with emotional issues of being raised in broken homes, quenching for fame, and gaining respect in the hip-hop world. Sincere emotions and introspection flow through each of their songs.

With Sam's beats, the group put together their own demo in 2003. They sent a few samplers to indie labels, even a major or two. But the group didn't hear anything back. Undeterred, R.O.T. would go back to Sam's house to develop beats and write rhymes - always with the goal in mind of improving their sound and flow. A new, fresh take on the Canadian urban music scene is about to emerge.

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Song Title: Head and Shoulders
Artist: Mr. Biggaz AKA T-Trav

Bio: Mr. Biggaz should not be considered as your ordinary entertainer. In the past, you may have seen him alongside his former dance group "Dainty Crime" performing alongside various music artists at different venues. However, Mr. Biggaz has now made the transition into the music industry as a reggae artist with the aim to reach millions through his music.

Mr. Biggaz has embraced his musical passion since he was a child growing up in Jamaica. Today, he is ready to share that passion with the world. Mr. Biggaz has touched his audiences with outstanding performances at clubs and shows across Canada and New York. His single 'No Love' has been heard throughout Jamaica, Germany, New York, and Canada from Jamaica's internet radio show 105.5 Your Radio. Mr. Biggaz has been heard on various Canadian radio shows such as CHRY 105.5, CKLN 88.1, and Flow 93.5. Currently, he is featured on rapper Availanch's hit Eye Candy, which is under heavy rotation on Flow 93.5.

In 2003, Mr. Biggaz dropped his first mix tape titled "I've Got Next-The Movement" featuring artist J-Diggz, Sizzla and various local Canadian artists. This mix tape received raving reviews throughout Canada and Jamaica. In April of 2006 he teased listeners with his demo CD "On a mission" releasing music to be featured on his second mix tape 'Operation Lockdown'. His DVD 'Caution He's Hot', which is, a thirty minute documentary of the legacy of Mr. Biggaz experience inside the music industry, is available inside various Toronto Retailers.

As an independent artist, it is not difficult to observe the perseverance and talent of Mr. Biggaz. This is a man who will continue to distribute music for his listeners to appreciate because he has a profound passion for his craft. He is determined to fulfill his purpose, which is, to spread love through his music and become a legendary reggae artist who will rein for years to come.

Composer: Mr. Biggaz
Producer: J Diggz

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Song Title: Shoulda X’d You
Artist: Sylent Sam


From her Blonde hair, to her sharp tongue and witty come backs this blazing MC from Toronto, Canada has her ear to the streets and the streets are listening. I’m speaking of none other than Sylent Sam the 416’s very own.

Born and raised on Toronto’s east side. Growing up Sam learned that nothing should be taken for granted. Moves were frequent; people came and went the only thing that could be counted on was change. Exposed to street life and the system at an early age with her father in and out of incarceration, her mother struggled to provide stability. Home life was turbulent and as an only child, writing became a way to release her thoughts and truly express herself. Introduced to rap music during its classical years influenced by greats like KRS1, Gangstar, Tribe Called Quest and Nas the love affair began.

At the same time began the rebirth, the pages of poetry transformed becoming lyrics and songs. Without realizing Sam began developing a skill that would essentially become her passion.

Through the mid to late 90’s Sam worked on various project with different artists and production teams. It wasn’t until the start of the millennium when Sam re-connected with fellow wordsmith Righteous. It was then that Sam reached a turning point and decided that it was time to take it to the next level. After lighting up the stage at the 2001 Honey Jam Sam began performing and various clubs and shows throughout the city.

Making appearances at venues such the Reverb, Hooch’s She Style, Clinton’s, 360. Sam received a 2004 Video Fact for her track "Shoulda X’d You featuring Tia Thomas". The track produced by Rahmel of Maximus Ent. /Melanie Durrant received rotation on Flow 93.5, CKLN 88.1 as well as intranet radio.

Fast forward to 2006 Sylent Sam is once again taking it to another level. Contributing with an undeniable presence on the mic, lyrical strength and a hunger to hold her own. Sylent can be heard on Cigah Music’s release "Peeves" as well as "Take it How You Want It" and "Fireworks" scheduled for release in early December with artists Righteous, Thirsty McGurk and Mr. Hooks.

Sam has also been working closely with Disc Connected Records and The Toronto Rap Project performing as part of the Toronto Rap Project Live at the 2006 Commfest Gala. Her track "Shoulda X’d You" has also been featured on; with multiple projects on the go Sam is poised to take 2007 by storm. Injecting the air waves with a strong females perspective and skillful wordplay she comes!

Label: Disc Connected Records Publishing
Publishing: Disc Connected Publishing (SOCAN)
Video Righteous & Sylent Sam

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Mark Samuels

Song Title: New Beginning
Composer: Mark Samuels

Bio: Mark is an extremely successful dancer, but has always had a hand in music. He has been creating beats since he was a teenager. It wasn't until recently that he began to focus on his musical talents as a Producer. He has worked with the likes of Keshia Chante, B4-4 and is currently working with 2 new artists J-Man and Cali.

"I learn something new everyday when I'm producing.  It's a great challenge for me".

Producer: Mark Samuels

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Sentury Sam

Song Title: BEAT TRACK
Composer: Sentury Sam

Label: Disc Connected Records Publishing

Bio: Sentury Sam was born and raised in the east end of Toronto. He is the youngest of 4 siblings, who are all sisters. Sam began writing raps way before he had confidence to spit them, however as Sam gained that confidence, he began to blow away his competition with his wide vocabulary and tongue-twisting delivery. Sam began battling a couple years after childhood friend and fellow R.O.T. member, Rob Whiskey, exploding on the scene with his unique style, Sammy rarely gave his opponent a chance, alternating between mocking them and switching their own words against them. Sam quickly developed a reputation as a ferocious emcee.

At the age of 17, Sam started making beats on Fruity Loops and other programs, Sam quickly improved as a producer to the point that he is considered by many as Canada's top up and coming beat maker, his production services are in demand by many, and he is the primary producer of his band, R.O.T. With all these attributes that Sam has to offer, he is sure to be recognized as on of the best in the game, and will stand in a league of his own.

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